Adelaide Law School Health Program Appoints Patron

The Adelaide Law School has taken a step forward in raising awareness among students in all year levels about the importance of mental, physical and nutritional health, and counselling, disability and equity services available to them within and outside the University of Adelaide.

The Health and Wellbeing Program, Lex Salus (Latin for ‘law and wellbeing’), was founded in 2013 by the Law School’s student advisor, Ms Corinne Walding, and lecturers Ms Kellie Toole and Mr Mark Giancaspro and continues to grow.

The School is pleased to announce that The Honourable Chris Kourakis, Chief Justice of South Australia, has agreed to be the Patron of Lex Salus for three years.

“Law students and legal practitioners deal with significant stressors throughout their academic and professional lives because they work at exceptionally high standards often at times when their clients are very distressed,” Chief Justice Kourakis said.

“The key to staying well and productive is to nurture a healthy psyche; by developing sustainable work habits, keeping fit, eating well, spending time physically and emotionally with family and friends – especially those who are not also lawyers – and engaging in play and other forms of literary, musical or artistic appreciation or expression,” the Chief Justice said.

“I commend Adelaide University for establishing the Salus Program. I encourage you to participate in it.”

Professor John Williams, Dean of the Adelaide Law School said the school was “immensely grateful to the Chief Justice for agreeing to be the Patron. I am proud of the exceptional work of colleagues in the Law School who are addressing with students the often hidden and isolating issues of health and wellbeing,” Professor Williams said.

The Lex Salus team is undertaking a large research project investigating effects on mental health of law school students and graduates arising from clerkship/practice experience. A collaborative study with UK-based Portsmouth University is planned.

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