New Dean, New Judge Welcome New Students

As a new academic year commences, the Adelaide Law School welcomes a new group of students.

During Orientation Week, Justice Sam Doyle of the Supreme Court of South Australia – a graduate of the Adelaide Law School – spoke to the first year students about his experiences as a law student and life in the legal profession.

Justice Doyle was asked to speak on the topic of ‘Things I wish someone told me about studying law and being a lawyer’ and provided a number of points of advice for first year students: to work steadily; to enjoy your time at university; to make the most of the University campus in terms of both its facilities and the people; and to interact with your fellow students and to share your experiences with others.

In welcoming the students, the Dean of Law, Associate Professor Suzanne Le Mire, encouraged students to make the most of their opportunities at the Adelaide Law School and wished them all the best for the first year of their studies:

“I‘d like to tell you, you will get things wrong but you will get things right. You will be stretched and you will be supported.  We will try our best to open new doors to you, to show you what it means to be a member of a grand profession, to teach you new knowledge, and take you on a journey to your new career.

We want you all to see yourselves not just as students but as law students at the University of Adelaide — following in the footsteps of eminent judges, academics, politicians, lawyers, policy makers as well as those who serve the most vulnerable in our community at the community legal centres, aboriginal legal service and others.”

The Adelaide Law School extends a warm welcome to all students commencing their studies in 2016.

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