Alumni in Focus: Leah Marrone

Leah Marrone
Degree(s): BA (2004), Dip Lang (2004), LLB (2007)

1. Why did you choose the University of Adelaide to study?
The reputation of the University in quality and campus atmosphere, there was no question; I wanted to study at Adelaide. Leah Marrone

2. What were the best parts of your degree at the University of Adelaide?
Administrative Law was fascinating and a big surprise for me, studying this was a sudden realisation that it combined all of my interests in working – government power and limits, statutory interpretation, and the importance of the distinguishable facts of an individual’s case.  Chris Finn was a fantastic lecturer, and being involved in the administrative law student’s forum and getting to do some research for him also was a fantastic experience. Coupled with Statutory Interpretation, Constitutional Law, and Labour Law, these are the subjects that let me know that there was a place in the Law for my skills and interests.

3. What have you been doing since graduation?
I have been keeping exceptionally busy, both in my career and in the community.

I worked at the Police Complaints Authority, then for many years at the Crown Solicitor’s Office, I worked for the Young Workers Legal Service and finally the Legal Services Commission, where I proudly still work today.

I’ve been heavily involved in a large number of community organisations, including as a continuing member of the John Bray Law School Alumni committee , involvement which was recognised with a Fellow of the University Alumni Award in 2014. My other involvement has been with a myriad of human rights, access to justice and social justice issues, mostly in women’s rights, labour rights and in the refugee and multicultural sector.  I have also been involved in community music and sporting groups and a range of other interests on the side.

Currently my main focus of community involvement is as a very active board member at Welcome to Australia (a not-for-profit advocacy organisation) , as the President of the Women Lawyers Association of SA, and on the Women Lawyers Committee of the Law Society of SA.

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4. Did you take part in any extra-curricular activities?
I had an extremely active extra-curricular role on campus, being elected to many roles in the Student’s Association, including as Vice-President and Education Officer. I was highly involved in many clubs on campus political, social and sporting.  I embraced campus life in a big way.
I was the key organiser in this time of the National Union of Student’s National Education Conference held in Adelaide. I helped run the Administrative Law Student’s forum and the Indonesian Council Open Conference.

Through the allowance of cross-institutional study, I was able to study and play Indonesian Gamelan music at Flinders University, and continued in the community group there throughout my degree and beyond.

I was also involved in volunteering to welcome new international students to the University of Adelaide as a Volunteer Peer Support Mentor for the International Student Centre. This was a particular joy and one of my favourite memories from my time at the University.

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