Public Lecture ‘Europe’s response to the refugee crisis: legal foundations and political limitations to a fair solution’

The Adelaide Law School invites you to attend a free public lecture presented by Prof. Friedemann Kainer titled ‘Europe’s response to the refugee crisis: legal foundations and political limitations to a fair solution’.

Date: Thursday 9 June 2016
Time: 2:00-3:00pm
Venue: Level 5, Ligertwood Building.The University of Adelaide North Terrace campus
Bookings: Please register your attendance.

Europe’s response to the refugee crisis: legal foundations and political limitations to a fair solution

At this lecture Prof. Friedemann Kainer will discuss, based on the Geneva Convention and the European fundamental rights, Europe’s legal ways and political means to solve or soothe the current refugee crisis. He will examine the legal bases of European asylum, refugee and immigration law, as it has developed since 1993 (Maastricht Treaty): the law on the one hand and the political development on the other.

This will show us that there is a huge and maybe growing gap between Europe’s ambitions and Member States’ sovereignty restraints. Therefore, we can hardly expect expedient and comprehensive solutions on the European level at the moment. Europe’s contribution is rather restricted to (financial and material) support and coordination. After all, the refugee crisis shows once more that Europe is still an international organization and not a state. Its supranational character makes EU-law effective but does not obscure the fact that it is based on a set of different states with very different history and interests.

Speaker Bio: Prof. Friedemann Kainer

Prof. Friedemann Kainer studied law at University of Heidelberg, became a Researcher (Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter) at the Heidelberg Institute for German and European Company and Business Law, and earned a PhD in 2002 with his thesis ‘Takeovers and Mergers in the Law of the Internal Market – Effects of the Fundamental Freedoms on Private Law’ which was awarded the Fritz Grunebaum Prize.

Friedemann was a Senior Researcher and Lecturer (Wissenschaftlicher Assistent) until 2011 where he completed Habilitation in 2012 with the thesis: Equal treatment in Private Law. Since then he became a Professor at the University of Mannheim (Chair of Civil Law, German and European Economic and Labor Law).

He has been a visiting lecturer at Universities of Krakow, Belgrade and Cluj; and a visiting researcher in Belfast (2008). His research interests include the law of the single market, European cartel and business law, labor law.

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