George Duncan Memorial

On Tuesday 10 May the Student Representative Council and Pride Club of the University of Adelaide organised a memorial in honour of Dr George Duncan. Dr Duncan, a law lecturer at the University of Adelaide, was GD2016_2killed in 1972 after a homophobic attack by parties who remain unidentified. Dr Duncan’s death is a vital part of the story of decriminalisation of homosexuality in South Australia.

Speaking at the event, Professor John Williams commented:

“…the death of Dr Duncan was a tragedy. A Senseless tragedy. However, it was also the moment when our community decided that the fear and hatred would not win. The people of good will – across the political spectrum – across the community – said “enough. We do not criminalise people for who they are and who they love.” I know that our community is full of people of good will – they now need to steel themselves to win the debate when it comes to reforming our laws and attitudes to our fellow citizens.

Vale Dr Duncan.”

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The Adelaide Law School in 2015 had placed in the foyer of the School a photograph and commentary about Dr Duncan. It contains a statement about the importance of inclusion and the need to celebrate diversity.

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