Eminent Internet Law Scholar and RUMLAE Advisory Board Member Professor Lilian Edwards

IMG_7605Eminent Internet Law scholar and RUMLAE Advisory Board member Professor Lilian Edwards, Professor of E-Governance, University of Strathclyde, visited the Adelaide Law School this week, as part of a Faculty Funded Research project. Professor Edwards is a leading edge researcher in many aspects of the online environment. She has taught information technology, e-commerce and internet law at undergraduate and postgraduate levels since 1996 and has been involved with law and artificial intelligence since 1985. She is the author of the foundational text Law and the Internet and her recent articles include: Privacy in public spaces: what expectations of privacy do we have in social media intelligence? and Privacy, security and data protection in smart cities: A critical EU perspective. Her current research interests encompass issues of online privacy, smart cities, cybercrime, surveillance and big data. She will be working with RUMLAE members on a project involving autonomous decision making.

During her visit, Professor Edwards presented a public lecture on “Privacy, security and data protection in Smart Cities”, which was very well attended, given the current interest in Adelaide as a Beacon Smart City. The talk was highly engaging and informative and generated significant audience interaction. The future of smart cities and autonomous vehicles is a key aspect of the RUMLAE research agenda in aspects of data, privacy and autonomous decision making. Professor Edwards also provided a mentoring session to Adelaide Law School HDR candidates and, together with Professor Melissa de Zwart, visited Saab to look at research working on autonomous vessels.


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