The new Graduate Certificate in Insolvency Law addresses the ASIC Insolvency Practice Rules accreditation requirements

The Graduate Certificate in Insolvency Law is designed to provide students with an understanding and appreciation of the role of Insolvency Law and the process and legislative framework of insolvency practice in Australia.

Australian insolvency law regulates the position of companies which are in financial distress and are unable to pay or provide for all of their debts or other obligations.

The Graduate Certificate in Insolvency Law is a postgraduate level specialised qualification delivered by leading insolvency academics. The program highlights include:

  • A blended program taught by Australia’s most senior insolvency academics
  • The coverage of personal insolvency law (bankruptcy, corporate insolvency law and cross-border issues.)
  • Meet ASIC —Insolvency Practice Rules—accreditation requirements
  • Specialise as an Insolvency Lawyer or Accountant
  • Up to the minute illumination of insolvency law
  • Taught at Level 8 AQF providing the opportunity for students to upgrade to a Master’s program and apply for credit
  • Quality lecturers with global experience and academic and industry clout
  • Real world learnings
  • Programs are designed to have effective integration of academic knowledge and industry application

The Graduate Certificate in Insolvency Law has been designed with flexibility to suit the needs of working professionals. The Adelaide Law School aims to provide the best learning experience through a blended learning model of online and face to face intensives.

This programme is designed to satisfy the proposed new Insolvency Practice Rule requirement for insolvency practitioners registration (as registered liquidators or trustees), which requires two courses of discrete insolvency study to be completed.

The course is offered in first and second semester. Applications are still open for Semester 1 with teaching commencing in June 2017.

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