Re-imagining Antarctic Science: the role of history, law and politics

This National Science Week / Big Science Adelaide workshop aims to raise awareness of the importance of conducting science in the Antarctic. It brings together an inter-disciplinary, multi-national group, with expertise from history, biology, law and the social sciences, to discuss contemporary challenges and the future of Antarctic science.

There will be five interesting talks with a follow-up Q&A session:
Panel Chair: Dr Michelle Lim, Lecturer, Adelaide Law School, University of Adelaide
South Australia’s historic scientific connections to Antarctica: Mark Pharaoh, Senior Collections Manager, Mawson Centre, South Australian Museum
Antarctic biodiversity has been shaped by past environmental change and extremes, but what is its future?: Dr Ceridwen Fraser, Senior Lecturer, Fenner School of Environment and Society, Australian National University / ACT Scientist of the Year 2016
Antarctic bioprospecting, a developing country perspective: Prof Carina Oliveria, Faculty of Law, University of Brasilia, Brazil
Antarctic bioprospecting, a developed country perspective: Assoc Prof David Leary, Faculty of Law, University of Technology Sydney
The rise of China and Antarctic science: Dr Nengye Liu, Senior Lecturer, Adelaide Law School, University of Adelaide

For more information on this workshop see the Antarctic Science Flyer.

This event is funded by National Science Week (SA). Click here to register for this workshop.

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