Launch of Ecological Law and Governance Association

On 17-18 October Associate Professor Peter Burdon helped launch the Ecological Law and Governance Association (ELGA) at McGill Law School, Montreal. European members of ELGA conducted a simultaneous launch in Siena, Italy. ELGA emerged out of the 2016 Oslo Manifesto for Ecological Law and Governance. Per the Manifesto, “the ecological approach to law is based on ecocentrism, holism, and intra-/intergenerational and interspecies justice. From this perspective, or worldview, the law will recognise ecological interdependencies and no longer favour humans over nature and individual rights over collective responsibilities. Essentially, ecological law internalizes the natural living conditions of human existence and makes them the basis of all law, including constitutions, human rights, property rights, corporate rights and state sovereignty.”

ELGA is working in partnership with other international environmental organisations such as the Economics for the Anthropocene project at McGill, the UN Harmony with Nature, the Global Network for Human Rights and the Environment and the International Union for the Conservation of Nature.

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