Adelaide Law School Participation in MILAMOS III – US Air Force Academy

From 9 – 13 October 2017, representatives from Adelaide Law school participated in the MILAMOS III workshop held at the US Air Force Academy located in Colorado Springs, Colorado USA.  The team comprised Professors Melissa de Zwart and Dale Stephens, Associate Professor Matthew Stubbs and PhD candidate Ms Stacey Henderson.  In addition, undergraduate law students Ms Caitlyn Georgeson and Mr Joel Lisk undertook the role of rapporteurs throughout the workshop.  The MILAMOS project is dedicated to producing a Manual articulating the application of international law applicable to military activities in outer space. The project is headed by a University consortium comprising the University of Adelaide, McGill University (Canada) and Exeter University (UK), though there are many other Institutions and individuals acting in support of the project.  This workshop addressed many contentious issues and a number of rules and commentary were discussed and many provisionally adopted.  These included rules relating to the characterization of armed conflict,  the principle of distinction, obligations of constant care, individual criminal responsibility, principle of non-intervention in space, applicability of international law and a definition of national space activities.  A highlight of the workshop was an address by General John ‘Jay’ Raymond – the four star US Space Commander who spoke of the value of the project and emphasized the need for understanding normative and legal standards for military activities in outer space.  In addition, the project was honoured to have Ms Cynda Collins Arsenault, President and co-founder of the Secure World Foundation and a major supporter of the project, attend for part of the proceedings. The project is making great progress and the next workshop is scheduled for Montreal in Feb 2018.

MILAMOS Workshop III US Air Force Academy

MILAMOS Workshop III US Air Force Academy

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