Biodiversity Planning and Regional Australia Study Tour Day 3

Big day today. After trapping and tagging native wildlife at Arid Lands reserve at Roxby Downs, we toured the Olympic Dam mine which produces uranium, copper, silver and gold. And employs 3500 people at the mine. Afternoon we drove out across the gibber plains to see the strategies for controlling feral cats and dogs, which devastate the native animal population, and visited an ancient indigenous camp site recently emerged from the sand.

Physically holding ancient indigenous artefacts and feeling a connection to the land was truly transformative”. Student Jack Matthews.

Exploring ancient indigenous campsite

Ancient flint blades and spear tips

Outdoor classroom at Arid Lands reserve

“Seeing and experiencing the Olympic Dam mine was insightful. We were amazed at the vastness of the operation both discovery and processing” Students Mitch and Cloe

Gaining an understanding of the traps and techniques used to control wild cats and hybrid dingoes was extremely interesting. John, from Arid Recovery was very knowledgeable and engaging. Student Georgie Feronas,

GORGEOUS Western Spotted Quoll – a part of the Arid Recovery’s recent reintroduction program

Early morning at Arid Recovery

Arid lands reserve at Roxby Downs

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