Biodiversity Planning and Regional Australia Study Tour Day 5

A long day on the road today- Borefield Track to Lake Eyre, then down to Marree, home of the old Ghan Railway with the oldest mosque in Australia. Then down the Oodnadatta track to ghost town Farina, gradually being restored by volunteers from around Australia. Next stop Iga Warta in the Vulkathanha Gammon Ranges.

Borefield Track


More outback sculptures


On our drive from Leigh creek into Iga Warta we could see a transformation in the physical environment – the red, flat desert turned into a vibrant mountainous landscape. As dusk hit, the euro kangaroos could be spotted foraging in the shrubbery. Rick, the bus driver, pulled the bus over for a few of us to get out and get a closer look at the dead dingo on the side of the road; most likely a pure bred dingo. As we are on the south side of the fence – the dingo was probably baited. We also spotted goats, sheep and wedge tailed eagles. Here is a photo of the wedgie that we saw.

Wedge tailed eagle nest Borefield Track


Outback Sculpture Gallery- enter at your own risk


Camel Cup

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