Congratulations to James Morgan and other Adelaide Law School Students at the Undergraduate Research Conference

The University of Adelaide Undergraduate Research Conference, formally known as the Beacon Conference of Undergraduate Research (BeaCUR), hosted its forth annual Undergraduate Research Conference on Friday 27 July 2018. This Conference was an exciting opportunity for students and recent graduates to showcase research completed as part of their undergraduate coursework, a summer or other research internship, a research-based degree program, or voluntary work. It is an excellent platform for budding researchers to demonstrate their communication skills, meet students from other disciplines, and learn how other disciplines approach research problems. Being allowed to present is competitive and it was a great success to the law school that 10 students in total presented.

Congratulations to James Morgan (formerly James Goh) who has been awarded the prize for Best Individual Oral Presentation at Friday’s University of Adelaide Undergraduate Research Conference. He presented on ‘Securing the Administrative Appeals Tribunal’s Independence: Tenure and Mechanisms of Appointment’. James’s presentation was based on research that he did last year when he did his Law and Justice Internship at the AAT, at the very time when a large number of AAT members were not reappointed, possibly because they had overturned a lot of visa denials by the Minister for Immigration. That is at least how it was depicted in the media.

The essay that James wrote on this topic has now won him the 2018 Law and Justice Essay Prize from the Law Foundation, is being published in the next edition of the Alternative Law Journal, and this research has won him the Best Individual Oral Presentation prize at yesterday’s conference.






















Congratulations also to Tim Porter, Claudia Boccaccio, Mitchell Brunker, Gerald Manning ‘SGDE team’ from Corporate Law won the University prize for best group presentation at last week’s conference of undergraduate research. The team presented on ‘Litigation Funds in Improving Access to Justice and Increasing Corporate Accountability.’ Tim Porter, Claudia Boccaccio, Gerald Manning and Mitchell Brunker are being sponsored to present at the Australasian Conference on Undergraduate Research in Melbourne later this year.

Adelaide Law School Law Reform students Jasmyn Tran and Azaara Perakath presented on: The Defence of Marital Coercion: Relevant or ‘Ridiculous Relic’?

Bec Slimming and Olivia Jay (also Law Reform Students) who presented on  ‘Do the existing defences of duress and necessity properly recognise the common event of battered wives committing crimes such as social security fraud or theft or prostitution at the behest of their abusive partner?’.

These important topics presented by our Adelaide Law Reform students also form part of the work of the South Australia Law Reform Institute based at the Adelaide Law School.

Jasmyn and Azaara

Jasmyn and Azaara


Rebecca and Olivia

Rebecca and Olivia


Joel Lisk, presented on ‘Outer Space, National Security and Private Rockets; Where is the Line?’

Joel Lisk























You can find more information about the conference program with presentation titles here:

Congratulations to all our Adelaide Law School Presenters.

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