China Study Tour Day – 10

China Study Tour Day 10

Authors: Behshid and Andrew L.

Today the very last lecture for this study tour was on Chinese Foreign Investment Law with Professor Xu Xiabing. The lecture started with a general discussion about what investment is, and then an in depth view of the modern and ever-changing area of investment law in China. We learned that through the last 7-8 years, direct foreign investments have shifted from investments in manufacturing towards areas of service and trading and this is mainly because of recent changes in investment laws. The recent entry of Tesla into the Chinese market is also due to the same reason. Lastly, we studied all the levels and categories of investment laws and regulations that are in place right now, and the lecture ended with a snapshot of what the future in investment law in China could look like.

After the lecture everyone spread out for lunch as we were trying to do some last minute revision before the exam. A number of students stayed within the law school in one of the cafes on campus while trying to charge their laptops and get in the mindset of the upcoming exam. By 16:00 we had all finished the exam and were excited for the banquet and the final ceremony that night.

Similar to the first night, we were kindly hosted by the SJTU Faculty Club for another delicious group dinner. It was a bitter sweet feeling because while we were all proud of ourselves for finishing the subject, most of us are leaving on Thursday. During dinner we heard a speech from Kellie and while short and sweet, we are all so happy to have gone through this experience with this group and especially together with Kellie and Nengye.


BBQ Duck. The meat tastes juicy with crunchy skin


Mapo Tofu. It is Saute Tofu with spicy sauce.


Photo taken after Kellie’s speech


The spirits were high throughout the rest of the dinner as we all received certificates from SJTU on completing this study tour on different areas of Chinese Law. This closing ceremony made the entire experience so much more personally valuable than I ever thought. Again huge shout out and thank you to SJTU and Professor Cheng Jinhua for hosting us.

Photo of Professor Cheng Jihua granting Andrew the certification


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