A New Research Year – from outer space to Alexa

Looking for some February reading:     

We have started the new research year off in style with  publications reflecting the breadth of our research interests. Our New Year publications include work from our Dean through to our PhD students and other scholars in between. See below for some excellent poolside reading in February:

Melissa de Zwart, ‘Outer Space’ in WH Boothby (ed) New Technologies and the Law in War and Peace’ Cambridge University Press, 2019, pp 337-358. (online ISBN)

Bernadette Richards and Travis Wisdom, ‘Re Carla: An Error in Judgment’ in QUT Law Review, vol 18 no 2, pp 77-92.

Jeff Goldsworthy, ‘Constitutionalism’ in C Saunders and A Stone (eds) The Oxford Handbook of The Australian Constitution, Oxford University Press, 2018, pp 357-378.

Greg Taylor, ‘The Difference Between ss 84 and 85 of the Uniform Evidence Acts’ in Alternative Law Journal, vol 93, pp 53-66.

Michaela Okninski, ‘A comparative Analysis of Voluntariness Safeguards and Review Procedure under Oregon and the Netherlands’ Physician Assisted Dying Laws’ in Dalhousie Law Journal, vol 41 no 1, pp 121-151

And Mark Gianscaspro asked inAlexa, call my lawyer!’ Are you legally liable if someone makes a purchase using your virtual assistant?

Happy reading!


Paul Babie et al, Religion and Law in Australia, second edition, Wolters Kluwer, 2019.

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