Why I chose to complete my GDLP at the University of Adelaide


In enrolling into a Bachelor of Laws at the University of Adelaide, I always knew that I wanted to follow a career path into legal practice. So, when my final year at university came around, it was time to begin thinking about where I would complete the Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice (GDLP). In coming to my decision, I consulted past GDLP students regarding their experiences, and I also attended information sessions that were ran by different GDLP providers. This enabled me to understand the differences between what was offered by each provider, and find an option that best suited my needs.

Ultimately, I decided to complete my GDLP through the Law Society of South Australia.

The LSSA offers a number of unique benefits to its GDLP students. First, and I believe most importantly, is having face-to-face contact. As many of the seminars are taught by current legal practitioners, it is an invaluable opportunity to network with them, and learn about the practical aspects of the profession. This also provides a chance to engage, ask questions, and seek help directly, which was something I was concerned about with many of the online GDLP providers. In addition to this, seminars are a great way to work collaboratively with other students, many of whom will soon become future colleagues.

In choosing the LSSA, I was particularly drawn to the level of support for GDLP students. By offering a mixed mode of learning, using practical and online components, students are provided with every opportunity to develop the essential skills of a legal practitioner. Helpful feedback and advice is received at every stage, assisting each student to improve and strive to reach their full potential.

It is for these reasons that I believe I am given the best preparation for a career in legal practice by completing my GDLP through the LSSA.

Brittany Farinola

LLB and Bachelor of Commerce Graduate, and current GDLP student







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