Dr Stacey Henderson chairs session showcasing Adelaide Law School students’ work at the 2019 Space Security Working Group in Montreal

Dr Jessica West (Project Ploughshares), Dr Stacey Henderson (RUMLAE) and Cesar Jaramillo (Project Ploughshares)


The work of Adelaide Law School students Alissa Bishop-Thorpe, Philip Craig, Sophie Howe, Rachel Neef, and Connor Rossi has been showcased at the Annual Space Security Working Group workshop in Montreal (16-17 May 2019).  The students prepared reports on key indicators under the supervision of Professors Melissa de Zwart and Dale Stephens. The students’ work was presented to the group of experts by video, followed by a lively discussion chaired by Dr Stacey Henderson, who participated in the Working Group on behalf of RUMLAE.

The written reports form the basis of the 2019 Space Security Index, an annual assessment of 18 indicators of space security, organised under 4 themes: condition and knowledge of the space environment, access to and use of space by global actors, security of space systems, and outer space governance.  The Space Security Index is an annual joint research project between Project Ploughshares, The Simons Foundation, George Washington University (Space Policy Institute), McGill University (Institute of Air and Space Law), and the University of Adelaide (RUMLAE).   Following further input from the Working Group, the Space Security Index will be published later in 2019, and provided to organizations, including the UN, to support a constructive dialogue on space.


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