Adelaide Law School HDR’s and Academics visit the Parliament of South Australia

Yesterday, a group of Adelaide Law School HDRs and a few academics visited the Parliament of South Australia. The group was welcomed to Parliament by the President, the Hon Andrew McLachlan CSC, and the Speaker, the Hon Vincent Tarzia; both Alumni of Adelaide Law School.

The group were given a private tour of the Parliament Research Library by the Parliamentary Librarian, Dr John Weste. Dr Weste showed the group notes he found written by Sir Charles Cooper, first Chief Justice of South Australia, and his notes written in 1857 on a case pertaining to disputed returns and the 1857 election for responsible government. The find includes his letter to Arthur Hardy (President of the Court of Disputed Returns) and Cooper’s notes for the case.

Further information can be found at the the South Australian Parliament Research Library: and the House of Assembly




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