Adelaide Law School Students and Staff at the International Students as Partners Institute

The University of Adelaide (in association with Canada’s McMaster University) hosted the 4th International Students as Partners Institute on 10-12 July 2019. The University of Adelaide’s team comprised Adelaide Law School’s Associate Professor Matthew Stubbs with Dr Rebecca Tooher (Director, Education Strategy and Teaching Excellence, Division of Academic and Student Engagement), and students Annabel Bramley (Law and Psychology), Felix Eldridge (Law and International Studies), Ali Amin (Law and Commerce) and Sam Chapman (Commerce and Entrepreneurship). Working as a student and staff partnership, the team worked to develop a project under the title ‘Nurturing a culture of partnership – student representation and participation in shaping the student experience’. They will continue with this project for the remainder of 2019, working on initiatives to enhance student representation and participation in University governance processes, with the goal of enhancing the student experience by increasing student-staff partnerships.

Pictured are (left to right) Annabel Bramley, Felix Eldridge, Matthew Stubbs and Sam Chapman.


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