Biodiversity, Planning and Regional Australia Study Tour Part 2

The Biodiversity study tour continues. Our students have been busy:

At Iga Warta we had the privilege of hearing Adnyamathanha elder Cliff Coulthard explain the meaning behind these ancient paintings. Our group silently approached the site and completed a minute of silence once we reached it. This silence helped us reflect on the cultural significance and importance of the site.

Not a bettong…back at Iga Warta after ochre ceremony.

Spiritual beliefs and reality: Pictured above is a significant tree, it’s branches run far and wide, they weave in and out of each other, away before coming back together. Some maybe straight, others twisted. The huge branches have smaller branches running off them. However, at the base, they all originate from, and depend on the same root system, fed and nurtured by Mother Earth. We learned our civilization is analogous to the tree. Highlighted was the single source of the human race, before migration, represented by the branches. Additionally, it identified the requirement of us, as the dependents, to better care and respect for Mother Earth. Pictured: a significant tree spiritually, for the local indigenous people, as traditional owners of the land.

Kite flying at Lake Eyre

Olympic Dam mine from the air.

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