The International Committee of the Red Cross and Adelaide Law School begin new clinic

Photos attached are of me, Dale, Emily Defina (Legal Adviser, ICRC), and Alice Osborne.


Adelaide Law School is proud to be partnering with the International Committee of the Red Cross (‘ICRC’) on a pilot international humanitarian law clinic.  Our first intern, Alice Osborne, received a briefing from ICRC Legal Adviser, Emily Defina, earlier this week.  Throughout Semester 2, Alice will be working on a range of projects for the ICRC.

While she was in Adelaide, Emily Defina also met with RUMLAE’s Professor Dale Stephens and Dr Stacey Henderson, and delivered a presentation to an engaged group of law students about the ICRC and its role with respect to international humanitarian law.  She spoke of the importance of maintaining neutrality and impartiality to facilitate the ICRC’s work, and highlighted the important and diverse activities of the ICRC around the world.

This clinic is being run through Law & Justice Internship.

Emily’s title slide.


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