Equal Opportunity Commission Legal Advice Service partners with Equality Lawyers

Throughout the year Clinical Legal Education students placed at the Equal Opportunity Commission Legal Advice Service work with solicitor Skye Schunke to provide legal advice and support to people with discrimination complaints in SA.

We are delighted to partner with Equality Lawyers’ Natalie Wade, a graduate of Adelaide Law School. Equality Lawyers provides specialised legal advice in civil, administrative and probate law, using an affordable and flexible model that aims to maximise justice access for people experiencing problems with disability, discrimination, NDIS, wills and probate.

Discrimination is a complex area and EOCLAS cannot take on all of the cases that we see. Being able to refer cases to Equality Lawyers and collaborate to find flexible solutions for clients in this area, is a great opportunity to extend justice access to the community which is what the Clinical Legal Education program at Adelaide Law School is all about.

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