SALRI and the 2019 law reform class: Thanks to guest speakers

The Law Reform class plays a major role in supporting the work of the South Australian Law Reform Institute. During the year, students select a research topic linked to the present or potential work of SALRI. Previous classes have worked on such diverse topics as discrimination law, equal opportunity, intestacy, succession, family inheritance, police powers of electronic search, family violence, provocation, duress, homicide sentencing and surrogacy.

The class also learns of the role and processes for law reform and different perspectives. We are fortunate to draw on a range of guest presenters to speak to the class about different aspects of law reform and their particular context.

In 2019, the Law Reform class has heard from Professor John Williams (SALRI Director), the Hon Geoff Muecke (former Chief Judge of the SA District Court and regular contributor), Dr Niki Vincent (Equal Opportunity Commissioner), Taylor Johanson (Aboriginal Legal Rights Movement), the Hon Robert Lawson QC and Hon John Rau (former South Australian Attorneys-General), the Hon Vickie Chapman MP (present Attorney-General), Claire Morgan (Attorney-General’s Department), Carren Walker (Office of Parliamentary Counsel) and last, but certainly not least, the Hon Michael Kirby.

The Hon Michael Kirby and law reform students

SALRI expresses its gratitude to all the 2019 guest speakers for their generous and insightful contributions to the Law Reform class and giving a valuable and first hand and often powerful perspective to law reform.

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