Our Adelaide Law students are Graduate Career Ready

Thanks so much to Henry James from Connolly & Co for spending Monday morning with the law students enrolled in the Graduate Career Readiness elective course. Henry hosted Joel Niles, Shaun Debrecini and Ashiq Farzan on a site visit in his office and then accompanied them to the Adelaide Magistrates Court. Joel reflected after the visit that ‘I have observed court myself in the past but … By having Henry present, the benefits of observing proceedings were multiplied as I was able to clarify points of law with him which then allowed me to observe other aspects of the proceedings such as the procedure in issuing a warrant for arrest, and the Magistrate’s manner in advising an individual to seek advice on aggravated assault charges instead of simply pleading guilty and taking the easy way out. I gained so much in the two hours or so that we spent in court.’ Practitioners from any area of law who are interested in getting involved with Adelaide Law School courses or students are welcome to contact Kellie Toole at to discuss possibilities.
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