Rynier Brandt participates in winery audit during his Law and Justice Internship at Wine Australia

Rynier Brandt is currently completing an internship at Wine Australia as part of the Law and Justice Internship course. Wine Australia is the federal regulator of the Geographical Indications and Label Integrity Program (LIP) and the promoter of Australian wine exports. At his internship Rynier is engaged in projects that relate to LIP audits, cross-jurisdictional legal research and administrative tasks. Rynier was able to accompany an auditor from Wine Australia on a LIP audit.

“I found the audit interesting as it gave me a new perspective into Wine Australia’s unique role as a regulator and promoter. I also visited the beautiful Barossa Valley for the first time! The internship at Wine Australia was insightful as it gave me a glimpse into this fast-growing export industry’s domestic and international regulatory challenges.”

Rynier’s experience at Wine Australia is no first. Law and Justice Internship Coordinator Cornelia Koch explains:

‘Wine Australia has been hosting interns from Adelaide Law School each semester for a number of years now. We are very grateful that this internship gives our students an insight into the regulatory and legal matters concerning the Australian wine industry.’

Three more interns have already been accepted for 2020.

Peter and Rynier


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