Workshop on ‘How Australian Universities are Regulating Work Experience’

On Friday 8 November 2019 a group of Adelaide Law School researchers convened a highly successful workshop on How Australian Universities are Regulating Work Experience.

Emerita Professor Rosemary Owens AO, Associate Professor Anne Hewitt, Associate Professor Joanna Howe and Professor Andrew Stewart presented key findings from their Australian Research Council-funded project on ‘Work Experience: Labour Law at the Intersection of Work and Education’ (DP 150104156).

The workshop, held at the National Wine Centre, drew representatives from over 20 universities around Australia, as well as from the Fair Work Ombudsman and the Equal Opportunity Commission of South Australia. They came  both to hear about the research and to discuss its implications for policy development and risk assessment at their various institutions.

The research team intends to follow up the workshop with a report that will be released in 2020. That will complement other outcomes from the project, which have included a major international study on the use and regulation of internships.

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