LMS Analytics – enabling greater access to course activity

You now have greater access to student activity in your course through a new feature in MyUni that supports evidence-informed engagement in your learning and teaching activities.

The new feature “LMS Analytics” has been added to Semester 1, 2018 MyUni courses.

LMS Analytics enables staff to –

  • see the number of Views and Participations in each of the course elements
  • sort each column
  • search a course element or title (full title or partial)
  • download the information to a csv file


Actions that will generate a (student) view –

  • assessing a MyUni page within the Course
  • downloading a file


Actions that will generate (student) analytics course participation –

  • loading a collaboration to view/edit the document
  • joining a web conference
  • posting a new comment to a discussion or an announcement
  • starting and submitting a quiz
  • submitting an assignment
  • creating a wiki page


Future enhancement …

  • Student lists (who has/has not viewed/participated)
  • Feedback mechanism
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