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In some cases, the University of Adelaide corporate travel insurance policy extends to include spouses, partners or dependent children.

Does this cover travelling overseas on University business?

Yes. The University of Adelaide corporate travel insurance policy extends to spouses, partners or dependent children of staff members who are travelling on University approved business.

If you are a staff member travelling on University approved business and your spouse, partner or dependent child is accompanying you, they are automatically covered by the University’s corporate travel insurance policy providing that;

  1. Your travel has been approved;
  2. Your travel will not exceed 180 days; and
  3. Your private travel component will not exceed 50% of the University approved travel and is less than 28 days.

If you will be overseas for longer than 180 days or your private travel component will exceed the limit, you will need to contact the University’s Insurance Broker to arrange top up insurance for you and your family. Please refer to the Staff Travel Insurance Guide or contact the Legal & Risk Branch for more information.

How about students participating in an approved exchange?

Maybe. If you are a student participating in an approved exchange, your spouse, partner or dependent may be covered under the University’s travel insurance policy. Please contact the Legal & Risk Branch to discuss your circumstances.

Is a staff member/student/alumnus going on a holiday covered?

No. If you are undertaking private travel you will need to purchase cover for yourself and your family. For more information or to apply for cover, please refer to the Private Travel Guide.

Things to consider when travelling with Children

Under Australian law, all children travelling overseas, including newborn infants, must have their own passport. Visit the Australian passport office for more information.

The Smartraveller website provides useful practical information for travelling with children including airlines, accommodation, baby products, childcare facilities and luggage.

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