Change is hard – update on mandatory screening

The timing of changes to the Working with Children Screening process have not been announced.

Until then, we are in a holding pattern and no change to current procedure is needed.

Once announced, the new screening regime will apply to all University employees, contractors, students on placement and volunteers who work with children.

Further details about the changes were provided in an earlier blog postKeen to be screened in 2017.

Why the delay?

The South Australian Parliament is currently considering the Children and Young People (Safety) Bill 2017.

Once passed, the new Act will trigger the repeal of the Children’s Protection Act 1993. This is the law that currently regulates all child protection activities across the state.

Until then, the current screening requirements continue to apply.

Do we know when the changes will commence?

The SA Government has proposed amendments to address community concerns about some features of the Bill. These amendments will need to be debated and agreed by the Parliament.

The delay means that it is unlikely that the current screening process will change in the coming months, and possibly not this year. Any developments on the status of the Bill will be posted.

Change can be hard, and it takes time!

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