New templates available on the Legal and Risk self service portal

Have you seen the Legal and Risk Self Service Portal? A growing range of resources are available for University personnel to download, including the following recently added templates:

  • Consultancy services agreement – short form [UPDATED] – for use when engaging a consultant to undertake straightforward and low-risk consultancy services for a fee of up to $30,000.
  • Confidentiality agreement – one-way or two-way [UPDATED] – for use when the University will be sharing confidential information with an external party before entering into a formal relationship, for example during preliminary discussions and negotiations or when developing a joint submission for a grant application.
  • Contract for the purchase of goods and related services [NEW] – for straightforward and low risk one-off purchases of physical goods with related services of up to $30,000.
  • Credit transfer agreement [NEW] – an agreement to facilitate opportunities for mobility of students between the University of Adelaide and a partner institution by granting credit in recognition of studies successfully completed at their home institution.
  • Student IP Deed Poll [NEW] – for use when engaging a student in a project which involves a third party funder or collaborator, or where the University needs to retain ownership of developed intellectual property.
  • Visitors agreement [NEW] – for use where an academic or student from another institution is visiting the University and may take part in activities with University staff, intellectual property or facilities.

Please refer to the accompanying individual Guidelines which have been prepared to assist you in using the templates.

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