Your role in the University’s Insurance Renewal

The University maintains an extensive insurance program to protect its people, property and activities. The program consists of a range of policies that span the breadth of the University’s activities, from corporate travel to property to research projects. The program is renewed annually.

Providing all relevant details to the insurer before they “accept the risk” is an important part of any insurance contract. This can be challenging in a large organisation such as the University, with its incredibly diverse range of teaching and research activities.

To fulfil its duty of disclosure, and to maximise the available cover, the University relies on each area of the University providing complete and accurate information about their people, assets and activities requiring cover.

How you can help

This is the time of year where your Directors and Heads of School are working with the Insurance Office to provide information about your area’s assets and activities for next year.

If you are planning any future events or activities, exploring a new partnership or area of research or  have any claims or notifiable events to report, now is the time to raise and escalate those things with the Head of your area. This will allow the University to ensure adequate cover for these activities going forward.

The University recently updated its Insurance Program Policy, available on the University Policies website.

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