Managing COVID-19 risks in new and existing contracts

A lot has changed in just a few weeks as COVID-19 has spread globally. Those responsible for managing contracts in these changing circumstances may feel uncertain about what this means for arrangements they are currently committed to, or considering entering into.

There is potential that circumstances may arise due to COVID-19 which impact the ability of either the University or a party it contracts with to perform a contract on time, or at all.

New contracts

In view of this risk, the Legal and Risk Branch has reviewed its standard form contracts and is updating them to address the issue. If you are entering into new arrangements that could be impacted by COVID-19 please contact the Legal and Risk Branch to ensure the appropriate contract terms apply.

Existing contracts

Contract managers should review obligations under any active contracts and assess how COVID-19 may impact performance by the University or another party. Where potential disruptions are identified, please contact the Legal and Risk Branch for advice.

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