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Deeds: Who can sign them on behalf of the University?

Did you know that there are formal requirements for signing deeds? To streamline this process, the University has recently authorised specific officeholders to sign deeds under a Power of Attorney. What is a deed? A deed is a special type of legal document under which a party makes a binding promise to do something. Unlike […]

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Employee and Contractor Check Boxes

Contractor or Employee? Engage workers correctly to avoid sham contracting

Before you engage a consultant or contractor to work for the University, stop and consider whether an independent contractor relationship is appropriate. You may find that the person should be hired as an employee. Under the Fair Work Act 2009, there are serious penalties for employers (and individuals) who engage workers as contractors when they are really functioning as employees. […]

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Tug of War

Good deals from third parties? Don’t force the issue!

When it comes to the University’s dealings with suppliers, retailers and students, the Competition & Consumer Act 2010 (CCA) lays down the law. The purpose of the CCA is to protect consumer choice by preventing unfair trade or anti-competitive practices. Third line forcing is a type of prohibited conduct that involves the supply of a […]

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