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Shipping containers

Not all quiet on the quarantine front – recent penalties are loud and clear.

Researchers who deal with quarantine status materials should take note of the recent prosecution of a Brisbane transport company found to have breached their biosecurity obligations. Late last year, the Brisbane District Court found the company guilty of numerous offences for the way they dealt with quarantine status materials.

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Academic behind bars

Did you hear about the academic who went to prison for ignoring export controls? Academic freedom was no defence.

The experience of Emeritus Professor John Roth from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, USA is a cautionary tale for all academic researchers about the limits of academic freedom in a world troubled by threats of nuclear proliferation, terrorism and weapons of mass destruction. Professor Roth was sentenced to 4 years prison for not observing […]

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Time’s Up! Quarantine’s tenure ends as Biosecurity takes control

After more than 100 years of service, Australia’s Quarantine Act 1908 has been replaced by the Biosecurity Act 2015. The Quarantine Act was first drafted at a time when people and goods only arrived by sea. Since then, changed inbound transport options and growth in the volume of trade and passengers entering Australia means that […]

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