What's your favourite memory of the Barr Smith Library?

For over 75 years the Barr Smith Library has been serving the University of Adelaide community. In that time thousands of students, staff and members of the general public have lived, worked and studied within its walls.

To celebrate our past we’re inviting you to share your favourite memory or story of the Barr Smith Library. Whether you are an alumnus, a student, staff or friend – your recollection is valuable. It could be an unforgettable event, such as meeting someone in the Library, an anecdote or a defining moment.
A special event is planned to take place during SA History Week in May, to allow you to share your memory with the University community.

Share your memory now on the Development & Alumni website.

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8 Responses

  1. Lee Kersten says:

    My favourite memory is from Freshers’ Week, 1955. At 6.30 one evening I was sitting at one of the desks on the western side of the reading room, dutifully reading a text book, when Bob Moore, a final year History/Politics student I knew, came up to me and said I should stop working and join them. I did.

  2. Rob says:

    Wandering the lower depths of the Dewey decimal system, and happening upon another student who had found a nice quiet niche between two shelves, and was fast asleep, wrapped up in a blanket of textbooks.

  3. brita says:

    The womens toilets – and the graffiti in the early 80s.

    Looking up books in paper catalogues and just getting lost.

    Putting fake books in the biology section of the undergraduate reading room.

    When they first introduced terminals for the electronic catalogue.

    When there were no mobiles, no lap tops, no ipods, no electronic catalogues, no internet and the only real technology was the foot warmers in the reading room.

    Wishing I were a post graduate and could get a key for a little glass room.

    Getting a key for a little glass room and finding that I just fell asleep in them.

    I still have dreams about getting into the barr smith by one of the old doors (the one at the bottom) and then getting lost in the library.

  4. Sam P says:

    Walking through the lower labyrinth of the Barr Smith, I tripped over a european financial review, only to land at the feet of a young honourable Mike Rann. He helped me to my feet, telling me of the violet days, and then vanished into a puff of mist. Consequently, the library had to replace 200 financial chronicles due to risdue damage from Rann’s stunt.

  5. Carol A says:

    Just walking into the library and realising how many books there were waiting to be read! A book addict’s heaven. Knowing that there were enough books there to last me a lifetime (or several lifetimes).