University print quota in the Barr Smith Library

Changes to printing in the Barr Smith Library now means that students are able to use their University print quota in 3 more computer suites, in addition to the 24hour suite.

On level 3 north, your print quota can be used from PCs just outside the 24hr suite on the Canon printer in the green alcove nearby, with an option to print to the printer in the 24hour suite.
On level 1 north and level 2 north, the print quota can be used on the HP printers in those respective areas.

PCs on level 3 south will continue to use the Copycard-enabled printer on that level until an additional printer can be installed in the area for use of the print quota.

If colour printing is required, students – except those using PCs in the 24hr suite – must select the level 3 colour printer (level 3 south, near main stairs) for the job. A Copycard account is still needed for colour printing and also for photocopying in the Library.

Please note that staff, postgraduate research students and other users – such as members of the public – who do not have a University print quota will need to use a public access PC to print in the Library.
Public access PCs are, in general, located near the main stairs on levels 1, 2 and 3. A Copycard account is required. Please select the level 3 printer (level 3 south near the main stairs) for black-and-white or colour print jobs.

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