Change to 24-hour computing suite

Over the past couple of weeks, those who use the 24-hour computing suite in the Barr Smith Library will have noticed some changes being made. Lounge chairs have gone, replaced by more PC tables. This is in preparation for additional PCs to be installed.

What’s happening is that the Huxley suite in the Physics building is being relocated to the Barr Smith Library, due to construction in the Physics building. The 30 PCs in the Huxley suite will be moved, with their printer, to the 24 hour suite in the Library. The 24 PCs and printer currently in the 24-hour suite will be relocated to Level 1 North.

When finished, we will have an extra 30 PCs available for use in the library, and a much bigger student PC suite on Level 1, with better printing. The 24-hour suite will occasionally be used for teaching purposes, making it unavailable for general use when teaching is in progress. A schedule of teaching periods will be posted in the suite.

Next week, on Monday 21st and Tuesday 22nd September, the suite will be unavailable while final changes are made. There will also be disruption to the student computers on Level 1 North of the library. We apologise for any inconvenience caused, and we feel sure you will appreciate the changes on completion of the project.

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