Clara Stockigt: Bill Cowan Barr Smith Library Fellow for 2010

Clara Stockigt, who has been enrolled at the University of Adelaide in a Master by Research in Linguistics since May 2009, is the successful applicant for the 2010 Bill Cowan Barr Smith Library Fellow award.

Clara Stockigt

In response to the news of her award Clara said

“I am thrilled and honoured to receive this generous award which will enormously assist me to dedicate time to research with the Barr Smith Library Special Collections”

Stockigt’s research topic is an interpretation and critique of the pioneering work of T.G.H. Strehlow in the field of indigenous Australian languages. Strehlow’s 1937 University of Adelaide Masters thesis, An Aranda Grammar, led to the publication in 1944 of Aranda Phonetics and Grammar.

Clara will be researching these works in the context of a thorough investigation of the considerable Barr Smith Library Special Collections holdings of associated primary materials. Her purpose is an examination of Strehlow’s work in the wider context of the history of Australian indigenous language studies and contemporary linguistic theory, with a focus on how the Lutheran tradition of linguistic description informed and constrained the analysis.

The Bill Cowan Barr Smith Library Fellowship is awarded annually by the Cowan Grant to support study for a postgraduate degree by research in a discipline in which the Barr Smith Library has strong general or Special Collections.

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4 Responses

  1. Gilbert says:

    Congratulations Clara.

  2. Jim Stockigt says:

    Congratulations again. Great news that experience gained in Central Australia can be extended and developed in relation to previous studies. I’m her dad !

  3. Andrew Jantke says:

    Congratulations, Clara. I look forward to catching up again and hearing more about your work. Hello to the family.

  4. Nayia says:

    Well done, Clara. Thrilling news!