Introducing Summon – our new search engine

Going live Monday 26 July 2010!

Summon streamlines your research process by enabling you to search across the catalogue and many of our electronic resources, all from one search box.

With Summon, you can quickly and easily search, discover and access reliable and credible Library content – print and electronic books, single articles to entire e-journals, newspapers, theses and more.

Once found it’s only one step to the full text of articles and ebooks, or finding books on the shelf.

You can limit your search to full text and/or scholarly or peer reviewed publications only. Not interested in newspaper articles? Then simply exclude them by clicking on Exclude Newspaper Articles. Refine your search results further by content type, subject terms, publication date or library location (for physical items).

Search results can be easily formatted and citations exported to bibliographic software like EndNote or cut-and-paste into a Word document, printed or emailed.

Search Summon from the Library web site or from your smartphone.

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3 Responses

  1. murfomurf says:

    It’s so quick and easy- bugga the fancy search engines when you have no idea what database your stuff might be in!

  2. Katya says:

    This search engine is much worse than the previous one. No matter what combination of words I entered it could not find the British Medical Journal Best Practice Guidelines for me. With the previous engine I just typed in BMJ and it was the first hit!
    I also had trouble finding other books like Harisson’s textbook of medicine online.
    Please make the previous engine available as an alternative option because this one is terrible!