Saving ScienceDirect PDFs

There appears to be problems with saving ScienceDirect PDFs and it seems that other libraries are having issues as well. Some users may not encounter any difficulties saving, but if you do, please see the below advice.

We have identified the issue only appears to exist with Internet Explorer, so please use Google Chrome or Firefox if possible. 

If you left click with your mouse on the PDF link the article may open up a new window where neither the Save option (floppy disk icon) or using the File menu and choosing Save As, and then PDF will work. It seems that if this happens, you can instead right click on the PDF link from either Google Chrome or Firefox and choose Open Link in a New Tab which should allow one of the two methods of saving to work. In some cases the Save function may have been disabled by ScienceDirect due to Digital Rights Management (DRM) issues and therefore the PDF cannot be saved no matter which method is used.

LSU Health Sciences Center at New Orleans also provides some interesting work-arounds at

If you need any further advice on this matter, please contact Tracey Reeves, Electronic Resources Officer at Barr Smith Library at

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