Dr Joshua Nash – 2013 Bill Cowan Barr Smith Library Fellow

The Barr Smith Library and the Cowan Grant are pleased to announce that Dr Joshua Nash, from the Discipline of Linguistics at the University of Adelaide, is the successful applicant for the 2013 Bill Cowan Barr Smith Library Fellowship. The purpose of the Award is to assist research postgraduates financially with uninterrupted time to work with the Library’s collections. Post doctoral researchers are eligible within three years of a doctoral award.

Joshua, the first post doctoral candidate to receive the award, received his PhD in Linguistics from the University of Adelaide in 2011 with a thesis entitled ‘Insular toponymies: pristine place-naming on Norfolk Island, South Pacific and Dudley Peninsula, Kangaroo Island, South Australia. The thesis was commended for its success in documenting fast disappearing traditional knowledge.

Joshua also holds a Master in Environmental Science from the University of Adelaide and BSc (Psychology) from Finders University. He has sole authored two published monographs in his field and over twenty refereed journal articles and conference papers.  In 2012 he was co-author with Professor Peter Mühlhäusler of Norfolk Island: history, people, environment, language.

Between 1998-2011 Joshua undertook environmental and ethnographic research in Vrindavan, India , funded by the World Wild Life Fund, leading to a report Vrindavan Conservation – a perspective.

Find more information about Joshua on the 2013 Fellow webpage


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