University Libraries 2015 Planning

Libraries are facing enormous change and renewal. Emerging technologies and new ways of working are impacting academic libraries around the world. The expectations of clients and our interactions with them have shifted and continue to shift in their nature and mode of delivery.  In addition to global changes in the sector, locally we are facing immediate, significant changes and opportunities. Our University Librarian, Ray Choate, will retire later this year after 25 years of service and we have an aging staff profile.  There is also an exceptional opportunity represented by the establishment of the University’s Library of the Future Committee.

The Library of the Future steering committee was formed in December 2014, with representation from across the University including students, academic and professional staff. In consultation with the University community, throughout 2015 the committee will consider Library services, functions and raison d’etre, resulting in a clear direction and strategy for Library transformation.

The Library of the Future project will articulate a clear vision for the Library’s future.  It is essential for the Library to actively engage with and support the Library of the Future process.  We also need to develop an objective understanding of our current state and issues to better inform the process of planning our future.  The Acting University Librarian has nominated a strategic planning team within the Library Senior Staff Committee to consultatively develop a University Libraries 2015 Plan. The 2015 planning process is focussed on understanding our current situation and context to best position the University Libraries Branch for the implementation of the Library of the Future steering committee’s recommendations.

Over the coming weeks, public blog posts will provide updates on the planning process. Library staff and community feedback is welcome. Opportunities to comment, discuss and participate will be highlighted here.

Kylie Percival
Acting Deputy University Librarian

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