Virtual Reality is on the horizon!

Virtual Reality (VR) is a collection of technologies which provide a sense of immersion in a completely digital space. This effect is achieved via a headset which presents stereoscopic images to the user giving depth to the image. This is supported by additional technologies that track the user’s head and body movements and allow the user to look around the virtual environment. For example, if the user turns their head left, the image presented scans left. A good VR demonstration will leave the user feeling present in the virtual environment where they are free to direct their experience.

Earlier this year, the library was generously lent a Virtual Reality headset (GearVR) by the University’s Technology Services. Since then a small project team has been formed to investigate the technology, exploring what is already available on the platform, what is coming, and what could be created. The overall goal of the VR project is to determine how we can use the technology to best serve our clients.

Initially we are seeking to produce a pair of small 360-degree videos focused around the Barr Smith Library, and its place within the campus allowing users a virtual experience of the Library.

As the project progresses we will be providing information on our project website.

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