University Libraries Virtual Reality Project … Update

Early in 2015 the University of Adelaide, University Libraries were kindly given access to a developer’s edition of the Samsung GearVR with the purpose of determining what the library would do with such a technology. To meet this call a small team was formed. The first phase of this project was completed in June of this year ( demonstrating the low barrier to entry of recording 360 film. From there a second phase was begun…

That second phase of the University Libraries VR project has now completed. Phase 2 saw the creation of an entirely virtual experience within VR made with the freely accessible Unreal Engine 4 ( The demo demonstrates the use of Boolean searching to remove beach balls from a beach scene. Users are able to turn throughout the scene, interact with a control panel and listen to the soothing sounds of the waves lapping against their small island.

Along with this demonstration a project document has been created discussing the resources which were used to create the demo, our positive and negative experiences with the equipment and limitations encountered. The projects page can be viewed at

With the conclusion of Phase 2, the University Libraries VR Project has ended. A summary report has been created for review providing an overview of each stage of the project from inception to conclusion, discussing lessons learnt challenges encountered and possible opportunities for future projects.

We would like to thank the Technology Services, Learning Innovation Studio, and Marketing and Communications teams for all their assistance. As well as the wonderful academics who chose to discuss the topics with us during the project.

You can read more about the project on our project website.

If you have an interest in Virtual reality or would like to discuss the project in general please contact Ben Weatherall at

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