The Raven at her Writing-Desk – International eBook Launch

Amelia Gretton, London 1863On 1st September 2016 at 6.30pm Adelaide time the launch of the remarkable family and history chronicle contained in the letters of Amelia Louisa Vaux Gretton, known as ‘The Raven’, (1849-1889) will occur in England and Adelaide.

Amelia had suffered a long and emotional engagement to the ‘wild boy’ George Mussell Gretton, but her beloved father had finally given his consent and in 1850 the young and adventurous couple had travelled to the Colony of South Australia to join her cousins, the architect Edmund Wright and his brothers, in search of fortune. Amelia’s hopes for the future were however dashed when her adored husband died of typhus a few days after their arrival.

Thus began a 40 year chronicle of family life and society in the Colonies of Adelaide and Melbourne, and finally in Britain, detailed in eloquent and detailed letters to her family in Europe.

Barr Smith Library Special Collections are privileged to host the ebook privately produced by the Gretton family in our digital repository.

More information is available from the Rare Books & Special Collections blog

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