Student thoughts on digital literacy (and 110 pizzas)!

pizza for comment crowdDigital literacy (and 110 pizzas)!
Last week the Barr Smith Library hosted a digital literacy student feedback session in The Hub. About 500 students headed up to the Mezzanine for the event, which involved asking for your thoughts and ideas on digital literacy. Oh, and there was free pizza. Lots of free pizza.

What was it all about?
The aim of the session was to find out what you think about digital literacy and what digital skills you think you’ll need professionally when you start working. To find out why we want to know, check out our website

STICKY NOTESA few things we found out…
You want to learn more about programming, using media editing software and using Microsoft Office.
Lots of you think that programming and using Excel are skills you will need when you start work.

What now?
It is important that we understand your views, as a student, on digital literacy and how it is important to you and your courses. So, you’ll be hearing from us again soon.


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