Do you have an ORCiD yet?

And by that we mean the ID, not the flower. Although if you have orchids as well then all of us here at the library are very impressed!

While perhaps not as beautiful as the flower, an ORCiD is a very useful thing to have. If you haven’t come across an ORCiD before, it is a persistent digital identifier that distinguishes you from every other researcher throughout your career. Unless your parents were highly imaginative then it is likely that there are, or will be, other researchers with the same name as you. By getting an ORCiD you get to link all of your publications together, and this helps ensure that you correctly get the credit for your own work.

Even better, the University has now enabled integration between ORCiD and Aurora. Researchers are encouraged to login to Aurora to create a link between their ORCiD and Aurora as this enhances auto-claiming of publication data.

Getting an ORCiD is quick and easy. Get your ORCiD today.
Already have an ORCiD? Link it with Aurora.

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