Library conducting research into jobs and negotiations

The University Libraries’ Nel Duffield, Jaime Royals and Helen Attar are conducting research into job offer negotiations in libraries as part of an international research project.

Nel, Jaime and Helen are very pleased to be part of┬áthe research project. Nel, who is the Learning and Research Services Librarian, commented that “it is very exciting, not only because the topic is of direct relevance and interest to our profession, but also because it gives us an opportunity to engage with the research process”.

The research project will examine the prevalence and attitude towards negotiating job offers from the perspective of job applicants and hiring managers. The aim is to deduce a scientifically based set of guidelines for negotiating job offers, applicable to librarians at all stages of their careers. This is an international study, building on the research conducted by collaborators Leo Lo, from Old Dominion University in Virginia, and Jason Reed from Purdue University in Indiana.

If you currently work in a library (or if you have previously worked in a library), or if you have employed someone to work in a library, we would like to hear from you! To participate, please fill out the online survey.

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