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Kindy is awesome

My younger daughter started kindy last week, and I got to actually be there for the beginning of her first day. It was one of those moments only a parent can understand as I realised with both excitement and sadness that my little baby was not a baby any more.
But this is a maths learning […]

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The Pied Mathematician of Hamelin

Have you ever been in a situation and felt like you were reliving a scene from a book or movie? Well it happened to me the other day when I went to visit my daughter’s school. I felt exactly like I was the piper in the Pied Piper of Hamelin, because an ever-growing crowd of […]

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Dagwood Dogs at the Gawler show

I went to the Gawler Show with my family the weekend before last, and it was a wonderful day. We had camel and pony rides, patted the animals, looked at all the stalls, bought some toys, got given balloons and generally had a most excellent day.
And as we left, we decided to indulge in some […]

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Charlotte’s Sudoku

The other night I was doing a Sudoku, and my two-year-old daughter Charlotte decided she wanted to help, as she always does at any time when I have a pen and paper she could steal.
So she bent over the paper concentrating very hard and a while later she threw her hands in the air and […]

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Plastic bag CPR

There is a saying that goes “practice makes perfect”, but I’ve had several people point out to me that a truer statement is “practice makes permanent”. If you do something over and over, it will stick — whether it is the right thing or not.
This principle was brought home to me very clearly by some […]

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