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Inspiration, not instructions

We have a big problem-solving poster on the MLC wall that gives students advice for solving problems. One of those pieces of advice is that to decide what to do for your current problem, you could look at other problems for inspiration. Yesterday I saw the dangerous results of what happens if you look at […]

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Rotation confusion

I had a long chat with one of the students the other day about rotation matrices. They had come up in the Engineering Physics course called Dynamics as a way of finding the components of vectors relative to rotated axes. He had some notes scrawled on a piece of paper from one of my MLC […]

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The Right Hand Rules

Students in Maths 1M are learning the cross product at the moment. This is a way to multiply two vectors in 3D space — let’s call them v1 and v2 — to produce a new vector, which is called v1 × v2. The length of this new vector is related to the lengths of the two […]

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